F1- Jenson Button Wins In The Australia Grand Prix

By | July 16, 2016

Jenson Button obtained his second consecutive victory in the Grand Prix of Australia this past weekend, in the second event of the Formula One World Championship 2010.

The rain began to fall before the event started and this affected development of the competition. At the moment the race started the rain had stopped and the track was mostly dry, but the drivers had already prepared their cars for a wet surface so they had to change their strategy. The weather conditions gave a bit of excitement and drama to the race and many drivers did their best to not to change their tires very quickly.

The German Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing started in the pole position in the Albert Park circuit. Behind Vettel there were Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso who started in the second and third position of the grid respectively while the defending champion, Jenson Button, started fourth. Vettel was the leader during the first 25 laps.

In the first curve, an accident changed the order of the top positions. Fernando Alonso was the most affected in the accident as his car collided with Michael Schumacher’s car and spun several times before finishing in opposite direction to the race.

After this Alonso had to cede the way to all the vehicles before rejoining the race. Meanwhile, Schumacher went into the pits to repair a severe blow in his car.

Button took advantage during the seventh lap and went to change the tires of his car for dry conditions. Upon returning to the track, he had some trouble controlling his vehicle because there were still some wet areas in the track.

During the following lap, most of the drivers stopped to adjust their tires. Button moved quickly to place himself second behind Vettel. In the meantime, the Spaniard Alonso surprised everyone by advancing from last place to the tenth.

During the 26th lap, the RB6 of Vettel suffered a brake problem, causing him to withdraw from the competition. This situation put Button in the first place, followed by Robert Kubica, who bravely resisted the attacks of Lewis Hamilton behind him.

A group of drivers in which there was Hamilton, Webber and Nico Rosberg among others, decided to make a second change of tires. Alonso and his teammate Felipe Massa took advantage of this getting ahead and placing themselves in the third and fourth place respectively.

With two laps to go, Alonso prevented Hamilton to move forward hitting the brakes before him. Hamilton was hit by Webber in his attempt of not hitting Alonso, and both Hamilton’s and Webber’s cars went out of the track.

This way Jenson Button claimed the victory in Australia with a reasonable difference of 12 seconds ahead of the impressive Kubica. Felipe Massa finished in the third place, getting his second consecutive podium of the season.

For now, Fernando Alonso stays at the top of the standings with 37 points, followed by Felipe Massa with 33 and Jenson Button with 31 points.